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Air Transport Restart

Specialised online event
July 16
Tectonic changes are taking place in the world, and after the crisis is over it will be important not so much to restore the business as it was before, but to transform it and adapt it to new conditions, into something new.
July 16, international online conference
Air Transport Restart
  • Technologies and Innovations
  • Biosecurity and the Transformation of Airports After the Crisis
  • Restoring Confidence in Air Transport
  • Aircraft Manufacturers: A New Economic Reality
  • World Aviation Fuel Market
Audience: representatives of airlines and airports, IT directors, sales directors and commercial directors, heads and specialists of Russian and foreign online travel agencies, meta-search systems, travel start-ups, online services for travel planning, social networks, insurance companies and banks, online hotel booking services, industry IT solution providers, aviation manufacturers, maintenance service providers, aviation fuel suppliers and manufacturers and specialized equipment manufacturers for airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers.
The program includes expert Q&A-sessions with keynote panel discussions

Q&A-sessions key topics
  • Global restart of air travel: key milestones
  • Demand and offer for new technologies, products and services for air transport restart
  • What technologies, products and services are needed for new business models of airports and airlines?
  • Keynote Panel Discussion. Air Fleet: Hottest Issue
  • What processes were stopped during the crisis to optimize costs, and which processes were developed? Have technological solutions continued to develop?
  • Mobile, analytical and biometric technologies — can contactless travel be implemented?
  • What are the problems of introducing necessary technological products to the market?
  • Video recording and face-recognition systems have become key elements in ensuring aviation security at airports. What if all passengers are wearing masks?
Format of the Online Events
  • Online
    Watch online as easy as watch YouTube
  • Chatroom and Questions
    Networking is a king
  • Survey Participant
    Feedback is very important it is keep us going
  • Videorecording
    Get record to be kept up-to-date of the latest market news
Each of our online events raises crucial issues for the industry and is aimed at promoting effective cooperation within the professional community and the development of recommendatory steps to overcome the crisis.
The audience of each online event is from 350 to 1300 participants: commercial directors • CEOs • business development directors • IT directors • HR directors • managers and specialists • independent experts • top-management of business and support units
  • Airports and airlines
  • Travel industry
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Insurance and leasing companies
  • MRO providers
  • Suppliers of products and services for the aviation industry
  • Government officials
  • State educational institutions of civil aviation
Moderators of the Series of Specialised Online Events
  • Boris Rybak
    CEO, Infomost Consulting
  • Aleksey Sinitsky
    Research and Development Director, Infomost Consulting
  • Artem Korenyak
    Editor in Chief,
  • Alexey Komarov
    Chairman of the Organizing Committee, ATO Events
Among Speakers of Offline and Online Events
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    Participants' opinions on offline and online events
    • I would like to thank all the participants, speakers, translators, as well as the organizers of the online conference. It was incredibly interesting, I am a beginner in this industry yet, the information received from each of the conference participants was perfectly and professionally presented. The opinions received during this event are very valuable and inspiring, and give hope for a favorable outcome for all aviation structures.
      Nikita Karpenyuk
      S7 Technics
    • It is interesting to know the ideas of market participants about the implementation of MRO in today's conditions, sooner or later the pandemic will end and there will be no time for restart, airlines will need to meet passengers fully operational, that means with a working fleet. So why not use the time for the fleet optimization. Many thanks to the organizers for a well-organized online event (the second one where I am a participant), which made it possible to feel that life in our aviation world had not stopped, but had begun to move in a new format, and reached a new level.
      Tatyana Evstifeeva
      Rossiya Airlines
    • It's a fantastic event! Everyone is very open for networking and understanding of who you are and what you want. My personal feeling is that it has been really good — and hopefully I'll be back.
      Anthony Beresford
      Сommercial Director, Consumer Markets, Beyond Analysise
    • I believe events like this truly get people to talk about the challenges. This is not a theoretical event. These are the things affecting the industry and I mean a total aviation industry, every day.
      Anton Grove
      Vice President People performance and Development, IATA
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