National road freight transport award ceremony
Trucks and Roads Award
May 31, 2022
5th award ceremony

New location: Moscow, SAP Innovation Centre,
Kosmodimianskaya embankment, 52, bld. 7
The Russian trucking industry not only plays a crucial role in the country's economy, but also is going through challenging times. Manifestations of the global pandemic crisis and related governmental emergency measures to stabilize the country's economy required road transport operators to act quickly and effectively to adapt to the changing market conditions.
Thus, the unique conditions newly created in the road freight transport market this year will make the Truck & Road Award more and more significant for its winners.

The National Truck & Road Award aims to draw the focus of the Russian business community to positive trends in the trucking market and to encourage companies contributing most to the industry development through their activities.
It is established as a professional and public initiative, as an independent and true assessment of the market players performance.

The Award may be given to industry enterprises, sole proprietors, and individuals in the national road freight transportation and road logistics who achieved high performance and significantly contributed to the industry development, a transparent and organized market for road transport services, large-scale projects, new technologies, equipment and solutions.
The National Award nominees are declared by the Award Expert Board. The self-nomination is also possible.

Award Guideline 2021
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Commercial trucking company on domestic routes (LCV & CV)
International trucking company
Категория N1, N2 и N3 — транспортные средства, предназначенные для перевозки грузов, имеющие технически допустимую максимальную массу соответственно: до 3,5 тонн, более 3,5 и менее 12 тонн, более 12 тонн.
Commercial trucking company on domestic routes (HCV)
Special trucking
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